Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
SeX. MurdEr. MyStery. Welcome to the party.
  "Do not play detective. This is not a book. This is not a movie." This is advice given to Harry(Robert Downey Jr.) as he wants to help out an old crush from high school. Harry is a petty thief who stumbles upon a movie audition and is able to win the part. He's shipped to Hollywood from the east coast where he starts to learn some very hard life lessons. He's sent with Gay Perry(Val Kilmer) who is giving him private eye detective practice for Harry's potential role in a movie. Something that is supposed to be boring and mundane turns into the complete opposite as they unwittingly discover a murder. Perry wants to leave this case and advises Harry to do the same, until that body they discovered appears in his hotel room and they are forced to take action. Harry also begins to become more active as he lies to the "girl who got away" telling her he is a detective. The rest of the movie plays out Harry and Perry getting into a lot more trouble and narrowly escaping death on more than one occasion as they try to solve this mystery murder. 
 This movie will have you laughing almost the entire time. Robert Downey Jr.'s character narrates the movie and talks to the audience with lines and mess ups that are gut splitting. The movie will also make you laugh with the amount of sarcastic lines used between every character. It also makes fun of the Hollywood scene in the mid 2000s and addresses a lot of the stereotypical problems that people see in the part of the country. It's a terrific film that has the right amount of action and humor that will make you want to watch it over and over to remember the witty comebacks.

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