Tuesday, April 23, 2013


They'll risk everything for honor, for power, for justice, for love, for revenge.
  "All this fighting. It's not who's right. It's who's left." The words uttered by Nicola(Ron Perlman), the big boss in town really sums up the movie. The movie starts out with a paper/puppet show of how the evolution of weapons has caused man to kill itself off in millions of people. The story goes on to explain that after so many wars, a worldwide ban on guns was finally issued and everyone went back to the old weapons, swords, spears and bows and arrows. Nicola runs the town with his killers and red suits, all of his followers. Others try to bring him down, but are never able to because Nicola has the best killers in town. That is until two strangers arrive to town on a train, The Drifter(Josh Hartnett) and Yoshi(Gackt). They help each other get to this man for different reasons, one for revenge and the other for honor. With the help of an older bartender(Woody Harrelson), they are able to infiltrate Nicola's compound. This isn't an easy task and requires the help of a lot of the poor people who have been training for years under an old general waiting for the right to strike. These two strangers provided that right time. A lot of fighting and blood ensues as the two strangers are left in a stand off with the most powerful man in the town.
This movie is absolutely spectacular. I has plenty of action with great fighting scenes and gives a look at a future without guns. You'd think it'd be a more peaceful place, but it's just as bloody as ever. Harrelson also does a great job of having comic relief in a very violent movie as the laid back bartender who always knows the right thing to say. This movie also brings together a western with a kung fu type of movie. As it's put in the movie, "A cowboy without a gun and a samurai without a sword." It's filled with a ton of mystery that is slowly answered throughout the movie if you pay close attention. It's a futuristic movie that brings back ways of killing people done in the past. 

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